About Me

I am a vibrant individual who takes an artistic approach to life. I am often seen flinging glitter into the air and conjuring four-course meals from the sky. I am a mover and shaker, dreamer and do-er. I mesmerize strangers with my excel spreadsheets, storyboards, and logo designs. I use chairs as tables, and tables as fashion runways. I can coordinate the wardrobe of 250 people at a time, and I am an expert in LED lighting choreography, agile on the battlefield, and a hero under pressure.


In my spare time I work to prove unicorns really do exist. On weekends, to let off steam, I participate in passive aggressive Tiddly Winks. The breath of my experience includes non-profit work, marketing, public relations, branding, events, theater, film, script writing, speech writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, interior design, character design, and other creative endeavors. I am praised for my visions and my originality, professionalism, and ability to imagine the impossible—making it a reality.


I am proud of my previous employers, network, and partnerships with non-profit organizations that have goals and missions in line with my own ideals and values as an individual.  I have worked with prominent companies including, The Walt Disney Company, Mercedes-Benz, British Airways, and Porter Novelli. I have contributed to efforts of various non-profits by helping raise funds through my work with organizations, such as, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Life Rolls On, Soka University, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 3-D Theatricals, Broadway O.C., City of Buena Park, After School All-Stars, and McCoy Rigby Arts.


I have developed corporate branding identities from concept to reality within as little as 3 months, prepared strategic marketing and public relations plans with ease, produced events ranging from small corporate dinners to highly visible charity walks. I am also a riot to hang out with; just ask the exotic birds we groom for free every Thursday.


I have mediated creative conflicts for award winning designers, directors, and producers. I maintain a vast network of non-profit, corporate, public relations, event, and entertainment individuals, organizations, and talent. I have won artistic competitions, full-contact vacuuming tournaments, and teacher’s pet rivalries. I charm, I prance, I accessorize, I skip, I flutter, and my bathroom counter is perfectly organized… well, sometimes; but most importantly, I get the job done.


I have worn the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, discovered the secret to the perfect cup of coffee, and have been over the rainbow with Judy Garland.


But I have yet to have the pleasure of working with you.